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Just a short post today, informing that we have lockup. We received the lockup invoice today in the mail. I asked my liaison about ballpark timelines and she said that fixing stage is 4-6 weeks and final stage 6-8 weeks, assuming there are no other delays. With those timelines, we would hopefully get PCI between the dates of 4th April 2011 and 2nd May 2011.

According to Burbank MyPlace, we also have electrical rough-in completed.

I’ll be visiting the house tomorrow (Australia Day) and start moving some bricks into piles that we can leave at the back of the property. Burbank said that they wouldn’t touch those bricks on site clean up so that we can keep some, but I’m more concerned about brick thieves – on the Homeone forum I have read stories of subcontractors like plumbers just helping themselves (and getting caught in the process!)

Bricks Pt 3

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Maria went by the house earlier tonight and took some more happy snaps. It looks like the bricks are complete! All infills have been, well, filled; brick window sills have been placed, brick sills for under the doors have been placed as well. We could spy from the front door that heater ducts are in, and having a look around the house, our stink pipe has been topped and the gas exhaust pipe has also been installed. Coming around the back, it seems our skylight for the alfresco has also been installed!

Not long before lockup now.

Bricks Pt 2

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Okay so it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on our blog. Naturally there was some time off for everyone (including the hard working tradies) so there wasn’t much activity happening with our build, but soon into January they started up again. I luckily had 2 weeks off starting from Christmas, so I visited the build near the end of my holiday on a weekday and found the brickies at work. I waved hello to them and they waved back but were on their lunch break and didn’t seem interested to come out and have a chat, so I just took some happy snaps and then drove away.

The house is really coming along now – we just went there earlier today and it seems 90% of the bricking has been done. Burbank jackhammered the front corner of the slab just before Christmas, (after saying that they weren’t going to – a note of contention) but the concreter left some exposed reo and left it like that for the whole 2 weeks of holiday time, which is great (*sarcasm*). When we went there earlier today the concreter had finally patched up the front but we’re pretty sure that none of the small section of exposed reo at the back has been patched up (behind Bed 3). It is now submerged under the soil, and I’m going to email my liaison tomorrow about it. Some bricking left to do is the front garage, the side wall (front half), front Bed 1 where they jackhammered the slab, and the angled brick for under the windows. After that – lockup!