PCI and final inspection

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So I have been neglecting this blog for a little bit (sorry about that, have been incredibly busy) but we had our PCI on the 14th of April and overall it went pretty well. Most of the issues found were pretty minor (scuff marks / paint chips that need to be touched up and the like, doors realigned etc), but some major things hadn’t been done yet (fencing and letterbox).

Then we had the Easter break which really just caused two “broken” weeks in succession to occur, so it’s hard to get any work done over those two weeks. I have been in touch with my contract liaison since, however, and the good news is that we have a final handover date of the 10th of May. We will need to meet up on site and go through the things that were found at PCI to check that they have been resolved satisfactorily, and then it’s off to Altona to hand over the bank cheque and get the keys!

Another casual inspection and PCI

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Earlier this week, we had organised with Burbank a casual inspection just to see how things were going. When we arrived that Monday morning, we pleasantly discovered a beautiful house with an awesome interior. The site supervisor was on site and walked us through how things were going.

Things that have been completed up until this very moment:

  • Tiling completed (floor and wall)
  • Heater ducts have been installed (including one being moved closer to the kitchen window)
  • Electrical has been completed – all power points, ceiling light holders, light switches and data points
  • FTTH cabinet has been installed (no hardware in it as yet)
  • Alarm system has been wired up with IR sensors and control keypad
  • Vacuum system has its cover flaps installed
  • Carpets have been laid
  • Sliding robe doors have been installed (WIR racks have been installed too)
  • Cabinetry for linen closet and pantry have been completed
  • Kitchen sink and plumbing completed
  • Flyscreens have been installed
  • Render base has been applied (not painted yet)
  • Driveway has commenced, will be completed by tomorrow

We’ve also been given a PCI date of 14th of April. We simply cannot wait until this day arrives, and we’re very excited!

Here are some pictures (the ones taken at the inspection were done at 7am, so the quality is pretty dark, sorry).