What we’ve optioned so far

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So I thought I should elaborate on what Maria and I have optioned for our Ascent 2500 build so far. Burbank have given us an options list that I coded into an Excel worksheet (with list validation, auto-updating calculation formulas and conditional formatting – I’m a computer programmer by trade so I can’t help but do things like this!) and we used this when selecting our structural additions / modifications to the base plan last week.

Since we’re building in the Aurora estate, there are some options that are not included in the base price of the Ascent 2500 as listed on the website. Things like water tanks, 7 star energy efficiency additions (double-glazed windows, for example) and driveway / letterbox additions are added to the base price and raises the price considerably. I suggest for those who are building in the Aurora estate to keep this in mind. The difference in price was so great that we had to question it with the Burbank rep – but what she said to us made sense.

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First Post

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Hi there.

We are George and Maria, and we are building our first home in Epping North (Aurora estate), Victoria, Australia. We have signed up with Burbank and will be building an Ascent 2500 on our block of land.

At the moment we are still in the contracting stage and our land hasn’t even been titled or settled yet, so there won’t be a lot of information here in the short term anyway. Please check back soon though for updates.