Another casual inspection and PCI

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Earlier this week, we had organised with Burbank a casual inspection just to see how things were going. When we arrived that Monday morning, we pleasantly discovered a beautiful house with an awesome interior. The site supervisor was on site and walked us through how things were going.

Things that have been completed up until this very moment:

  • Tiling completed (floor and wall)
  • Heater ducts have been installed (including one being moved closer to the kitchen window)
  • Electrical has been completed – all power points, ceiling light holders, light switches and data points
  • FTTH cabinet has been installed (no hardware in it as yet)
  • Alarm system has been wired up with IR sensors and control keypad
  • Vacuum system has its cover flaps installed
  • Carpets have been laid
  • Sliding robe doors have been installed (WIR racks have been installed too)
  • Cabinetry for linen closet and pantry have been completed
  • Kitchen sink and plumbing completed
  • Flyscreens have been installed
  • Render base has been applied (not painted yet)
  • Driveway has commenced, will be completed by tomorrow

We’ve also been given a PCI date of 14th of April. We simply cannot wait until this day arrives, and we’re very excited!

Here are some pictures (the ones taken at the inspection were done at 7am, so the quality is pretty dark, sorry).

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Hi George,

seems like ur move-in date is not far away, congrats!!!

I’m currently on the admin stage. I had waited a long time to get my initial ‘final drawings’ and I found some mistakes on it. Now it looks like I need to wait a longer time to get my amended drawings back, that’s frustrating! Hope I could hear from my liason soon.

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Hi Chanel,

Yes the move in date isn’t too far away at all! The other night was the first time in a long time that I had trouble falling asleep due to so much excitement about the house. When the finish line is just in front of you, the excitement is so great that you can’t wait until you move in.

The admin side of the building process with Burbank is a long process, but they do it this way to make sure 100% that you are happy with the plan and any changes that you have made are well documented. This way the chance of making a mistake is minimised greatly.

I have also added your blog link to the sidebar in this blog, thanks for that. You seem to have some issues with pegging, I hope you get them resolved to your satisfaction.

Thanks again for your comments to the blog!

congrats George this is fantastic news. We got our PCI date for 21st. looks like we’ll be moving at around the same time. at the moment we can see your house from ours however that might be the case very soon.

Well happy moving in :)

George, Did you arrange for a final inspection by an independent person?? if so did you do you book it before PCI or on the day of the PCI?

Hey Sope,

I have indeed booked our independent inspector. The inspection will occur during our PCI. Burbank have up to 2 weeks to rectify issues that are discovered during PCI.