Bricks Pt 3

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Maria went by the house earlier tonight and took some more happy snaps. It looks like the bricks are complete! All infills have been, well, filled; brick window sills have been placed, brick sills for under the doors have been placed as well. We could spy from the front door that heater ducts are in, and having a look around the house, our stink pipe has been topped and the gas exhaust pipe has also been installed. Coming around the back, it seems our skylight for the alfresco has also been installed!

Not long before lockup now.

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Hi George and Maria, your house is looking great. I think you are building next to us. We have yet to start but can’t wait. Awaiting final drawings and we are building the Ascent 2700 with the ontario facade minus the timber, on the corner block. It takes me 40 minutes to walk to the block from where we currently live in Epping. I walk regularly and am amazed it has happened so quickly for you both.

Hey neighbours!

Yes you are right, we are building next to you. I’d just like to apologise on behalf of Burbank for using your lot for material delivery – the trucks used to deliver all the material has made some pretty deep tracks on your lot (especially the brick delivery truck).

Glad to hear about your progress with your Ascent 2700. We were wondering when you guys will start building. I hope everything has come along smoothly for you guys. We’re still staggered at the rate of construction with our house, it could not possibly go faster than this.

Good luck with everything, and if you need anything, we’re just a mouse click away (for now).