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Just a short post today, informing that we have lockup. We received the lockup invoice today in the mail. I asked my liaison about ballpark timelines and she said that fixing stage is 4-6 weeks and final stage 6-8 weeks, assuming there are no other delays. With those timelines, we would hopefully get PCI between the dates of 4th April 2011 and 2nd May 2011.

According to Burbank MyPlace, we also have electrical rough-in completed.

I’ll be visiting the house tomorrow (Australia Day) and start moving some bricks into piles that we can leave at the back of the property. Burbank said that they wouldn’t touch those bricks on site clean up so that we can keep some, but I’m more concerned about brick thieves – on the Homeone forum I have read stories of subcontractors like plumbers just helping themselves (and getting caught in the process!)

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