Slab Engineer report

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We received the engineer report from Burbank yesterday which addresses our issues with the slab by adding dowels to the rear of the slab and boxing up a slab extension with a concrete pour. The job for the concreter has been uprated to urgent, and will also get the exposed steel reo fixed up on the sides and back of the slab. Once this has been done, I can go and inspect with the site supervisor.

So here are the engineer diagrams.

Assuming they do a better job this time around, I guess this is sorted. It sucks to know that this slab has been flawed right from the start, however I have to commend Burbank for stepping up to the plate, taking ownership (which is one of a few things I wanted them to do straight away) and fixing it. Let’s hope the fix they apply is a good one and of good quality.

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Hey George – has your slab been fized?

that should be ‘fixed’!

Yes they have – you can see the results from my latest post.