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Just a quick post to let you all know that we’re in the middle of tiling now. The internal painting has finished (external yet to start) and the job looks great. Maria and I went to the house yesterday to have a look at how things are going. I met the tiler there, he was in the middle of doing the kitchen / meals area but we went around to have a look at how things are going. The shower tiles look great with our feature tile accent! Things are looking really good.

I only got a picture of the laundry tiles to show what they look like, as I’ve mentioned earlier our Ascent 2600 will have tiles from the front door down the hallway, laundry, kitchen, meals, rear passage (no jokes please!), bathroom and toilet. The wet areas will have tiled skirtings. All floor tiles are the same type – 450mm Augusta Beige with Buff grout.

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Mate l just read your updated post on HomeOne. I can’t beleive the shoddy workmanship you are still getting.
Feature tiles in the wrong place to top off your slab issues. I really hope your hosue is 100% square, a few mm out can cause issues down the track.

Now they put an extra duct over your island bench top that wasn’t even in the plans. This will be a huge pain in the backside, l’d be telling them to take it out or move it. Do you reallty want heat blowing on you there as you sit there and read, or eat, or do the dishes?

Hi Michael,

First and foremost, thanks for your support through this blog and your comments. I welcome all comments and opinions.

Yes the slab was an issue with the build, and this was a serious mistake. Putting that aside, all the other issues with the house have been relatively minor in comparison.

It looks like you’re the kind of person that expects nothing but absolute perfection when it comes to a house build, and although there are a lot of tradies and builders that fall very short off that mark, not all of them are bad. Having a brick or so out by 2mm, or having a feature tile placed slightly off (but still looks great in our books) is definitely not something to blow a gasket over, especially when the tolerances as set out by the Building Commission is many orders of magnitude larger than your personal tolerances to workmanship.

I can tell from your posts that you must have had some pretty bad experiences in the past, and hence in current and possibly future builds of yours you will look at everything with an eagle eye and have almost no tolerance for anything that seems wrong or out of place. Nearly all your comments in this blog have been quite emotionally charged and negative. If you think that a absolutely perfect build that’s not 1mm out is something achieveable, then you’re seriously deluded.

The slab issues that I had with my house have been resolved. It’s not the same as having the slab made absolutely perfect from the start, but it has been fixed. I was pretty upset about it, and I made my feelings well known to the builde. I even threatened legal action. I even had the state manager personally take care of my situation when it was a situation. Other than demolishing the house and starting again (which isn’t on the cards, no matter how upset one could be about the slab), the fix that was applied was the best alternative that was applied.

Having put that issue behind me, it saddens me that you still keep picking my house on this. Having a heating duct in the wrong position is a minuscule issue in comparison to the (now resolved) slab issues. I wonder why you keep making this comparison?

Can I ask also, what house that has been made during the past 20 years, is “100% square”? That every wall within the house is also “100% square”? That every option in the house is “100%” accurate to the plan? That every item in the house is “100%” perfect, without any issue? That all of the above was done “100%” correct from the word go, without any mistakes or issues? I fail to see how a wall that could be out 2mm is going to have massive issues later on.

If you find this ellusive “100% perfect” house, can you please inform me how much did it cost? People make mistakes Michael, they’re human just like you and I. Where builders can really shine is with customer service – what they offer and do to rectify problems. Outside of that, they’re all one and the same.

I wonder why practically all your comments are negative. Is there an ulterior motive in your participation with this blog? Something smells fishy.

I should point out, to anyone that reads this blog, if you wish to comment, you can. You have an opinion, express it. I have no qualms about this. But keep in mind, that commenting in my blog, is a privilege, not a right.

By the way, I have already contacted my liaison about the heating duct, and have requested it to be moved 30 – 50 cms further back in the ceiling. Also, as the slab issue was resolved (to my satisfaction, with engineering diagrams to back me up), there is no need to mention this issue anymore. So stop making the comparison.

I should add also, that the off-centre tiles in my opinion look pretty good, and I think it’s better how it is now than having it directly in the centre.