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Burbank‘s MyPlace has been updated again for us – this time, it’s the plaster stage. Maria has been really good and visiting the site every few days or so to see how the progress is coming along, and it indeed seems that plaster has been hung. We’re definitely past the lockup stage now, despite us not having a proper door between the garage and the hallway, the whole doorway has been plastered up to suffice the lockup state, so it goes without saying that Burbank would make this into a doorway again later on down the track.

I had shown one of my best mates the progress of the build on site and he noticed that on Bed 4 / Alfresco corner that the top 4 courses of bricks are leaning slightly out of angle. I notified our contract liaison about this and have been assured that this will get looked into. I don’t see it being a difficult thing to correct. Maria also said that one of her friends had swung by our construction on Sunday and saw 3 trucks and about a dozen tradies working on site. On a Sunday! In 39 degree heat! Wow!

We’re still waiting on brick acid wash (I really want to see the real colour of those fantastic Canterbury bricks), and the next thing in the Burbank MyPlace Workflow checklist is “Fix Carpenter”, which I don’t really have an idea what it is. If you know what it is, please let me know.

Apologies again for the lack of photos, now that we’re locked out the opportunity to break into the house to get any has gone.

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Fix carpenter is the architraves and skirting as well as hanging the doors. Did you honestly think that they would cover over the doorway between the house and garage and leave it blocked!! The reason they do is so the kitchen can be installed with a reduced risk of theft as people can no longer get in the house. When the carpenter does the fix it is installed. Hope all goes well and that you don’t have many delays for the rest of the build.

Thanks for your comment The Fonz. No I didn’t “honestly think” that Burbank would leave the garage entry blocked – I thought that would’ve come through clearly in my blog post.

G’Day Georgie,

Make surer you get your independent inspector to come through at some stage again. With the dramas you have had, and now you write “the top 4 courses of bricks are leaning slightly out of angle”

Keep yourself covered, and pay for someone to come through. Your slab was itinitially not square, l would have the bricks you feel are on an angle checked by a professional pronto.

I agree with Michael above. Do get an independent inspector so that you can be sure that all will be fixed (ones you know and the ones that are not visible right now).

Hope we can chk out the internal pics soon :)

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I’m getting the house inspected pre-handover. The inspection company I’m already using usually do three inspections – frame/slab, pre-plaster and pre-handover. I’ve only done a frame/slab inspection, and we’re past pre-plaster now.

Ameya, I’m going to have to delete your comment as it contains a link to someone else’s business, something that I don’t like having on my site, sorry.

Michael, I had another look at the bricks and they are in spec – the maximum deviation is 10mm from vertical plumb line, and the lean is much less than this (Guide to Standards & Tolerances 2007, p23 diagram C). Although I said 4 courses of bricks, it’s actually the first 4 bricks vertically stacked at that exact corner ie. only 4 bricks affected, not 4 entire rows of bricks.