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I just want to get out first that I wish everyone who has come across this blog over the Christmas break a Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings. I know it’s a little late now, but where Christmas is situated in the week for 2010 makes timing a little off, also it doesn’t help when your birthday is also on Christmas Day (yay!) and spend all day at the Boxing Day sales!

Anyway, I know you all want an update on the house, so here it is: we’ve been bricked. Only the east wall has been bricked, up to approx 1.8m, from just in front of the gas connections, all the way to the back wall where the alfresco sliding door is. This occurred before Christmas, and we don’t expect any more work to be done until the tradies return from their Christmas break in the new year. So far though, we are going very, very well.

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Hi George, thanks for your blog, we very much enjoy it. About to sign up with Blurbank for a new home.