… and now we have frames.

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Maria swung by the lot again after work and, to our surprise, Burbank not only deposited more presents in the form of our windows and roof trusses, but knocked up the frame already!

We’re absolutely staggered at the rate they’re constructing. For those other Burbankians that feel that they are trudging and plowing through molasses-like paperwork, let me assure you Burbank more than make up for it during construction phase.

I’m a little concerned about timing for other things though – I really hope Burbank give the slab some time to cure before they start bricking. I’m sure they will.

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George – this is a big call that the frame is going up more or less within a day of the concrete going down, this can create movement and plaster cracking down the track

Yeah I’m a little concerned about that too. I have whipped off an email to my liaison at Burbank and am waiting a response.

I can’t tell if the frame has been fixed to the slab yet or if it’s just propped up there for fixing in the near future (Maria took the shots, not me), I wish I didn’t live so far away from the lot so I can go down there myself and have a look.

have you been even sent your base installment yet?

Michael, not yet.

I just got an email back from Burbank saying that the slab designs nowadays are a little different from how they used to be and framing the next day is common.