Final Drawings

Posted by | Posted in Planning | Posted on 17-10-2010

Another quick post to let you all know that we have received final drawings and have signed, scanned and sent back to our contract liaison at Burbank. Happy times!

The bank on the other hand, has gotten into their heads that they have already given us a letter of offer for unconditional approval to start building. What they fail to understand though that the letter of approval states only enough funds to pay off the land, and not the build of the house. This is supposed to be an “extension” kind of thing once it was settled as to how much the cost of building the house with Burbank will come to. So I guess that means more phone calls on Monday.

With our finances, we are more than capable of getting the loan for the full amount; it just seems a piece of paper stating so is just too hard for the bank to produce. They’re the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle, and I predicted this was going to happen even before we paid our deposit for our land purchase. Maybe I should consult my crystal ball to try and forsee what other delays we’ll be in for in the future!

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