Plans signed off.

Posted by | Posted in Planning | Posted on 13-08-2010

We have the plans signed off – one step away from the finalised plans. Burbank did soil tests but they haven’t gotten back to us with the final plans that detail slab information. To speed up the process a bit we signed off on the draft for everything else – Burbank made some minor mistakes in Bedroom 1 and we got a chance to add in some minor things that we forgot at our colour appointment (tiled skirtings, some exterior lighting, extra power point).

We’re at the stage now where the bank needs a building permit and council approved plans before they can give an unconditional finance approval certificate to Burbank. We’ve notified Burbank at the start of the week and are still waiting for some progress. Burbank MyPlace has displayed a ‘completed’ flag for “working drawings” but there are still so many things on that summary list that need to be ticked off.

To try and alleviate the quasi-Mexican Standoff situation between us, Burbank and the bank, we’ve been in regular contact with our contract liaison (who’s genuinely doing the best she can) to try and keep the momentum going. It seems the bank has stuffed up on so many levels and it’s up to us to pick up the pieces and get the stragglers out of the mud and get them working for us.

To keep you all interested in the blog and our house build, I decided to upload the plans we signed off on. Most of the information is just elevation diagrams and pipe diagrams that most of you would probably find boring, so I’ve just uploaded the house plan itself and electrical plans. Note that with the electrical we changed quite a few things when it comes to placement, there isn’t a lot left that’s located in the default positions so if you are wanting to know what the default plan looks like, this isn’t it. Here goes anyway.

Time is slowly running out. Some house builds I’ve been keeping my eye on has taken a record 3.5 months to complete – I have a feeling we won’t be as fortunate. The house really needs to be ready before we get married in 2011, the last thing we want to do is rent.

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