Land is titled and missing pegs

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Update 23/06/2010: Maria contacted VicUrban about the pegs and they said that the area needed to be resurveyed anyway (probably due to the repiping that they did) so we won’t be paying for the resurveying. Having said that, after settlement the land is our responsibility so we’ll try our hardest to keep guard of our lot and make sure no other pegs get “misplaced” (as I’ve heard about so many times before by other builders).

Just another quick update, checking the Victorian Government website for the Land Channel showed our land as successfully titled. Maria and I went there yesterday to try and measure the plot (which was very muddy!) and found only 2 of the required 4 pegs. Our south-west and north-east pegs were missing; the NE one is probably buried pretty deep now as there were some large machinery tracks and freshly dug earthworks for the sewer pipes, which is understandable. The SW one on the other hand has vanished, and we couldn’t find it even after digging around a little.

Having said that, the north-west peg was pretty spot on, 30m deep and in line with the south-east peg, 14m wide.

The solicitor had sent us papers for transfer of land but we sent it back in regular mail, which Australia Post promptly lost. We had to go into the city and sign the documents again, which was annoying, but we’re glad now that it’s done. Note to self: use Express Post all the time for important documents.

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Hey George,

congrats on the titling of your land :)

Just a quick q- how do you check on the to see if our land has titled? Did you have to pay? I can’t seem to find the right spot.

Good luck for settlement!


Hi Marleena,

Thanks for the congrats :)

You can use the following page: and enter in your street name and suburb – it will try to search in the maps. You can then pan around (click on the hand icon in the toolbar) and see what other lots have been titled.