We have taps!

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I swung past the block of land after work today and discovered that we now have taps! Also, someone dumped concrete on our land. I don’t know who it was, or why. Does anyone know if I should be concerned about this and / or report it?

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Follow up: I reported it to Burbank and they agreed to clean it up before site scrape. Awesome!

Hey Georgey!

What is that purple ‘no not drink’ tap all about?

Regards B

Hey Brado,

The purple ‘do not drink’ tap is recycled water. All stormwater in the estate gets piped out to a treatment plant off-site, and the recycled water gets pumped back into the estate and is accessed by the purple taps.

They say it should be used for things like flushing toilets (which is automatically connected) and watering the garden, but it’s not guaranteed to be 100% clean drinking water, hence the “do not drink” sign.