Developer Approval

Posted by | Posted in Planning | Posted on 08-10-2010

We finally got developer approval!

For those playing at home, we came across another hurdle to overcome in the paperwork precluding the construction of our house. Burbank had a different idea on where RF and data points (and how many) were allowed throughout the house, to which the land developer at the time for developer approval buffed that back saying that there is a standard layout of what’s included “in the price” when it came to optic fibre connectivity, and if the owners (us) wanted extra then we have to foot the bill.

The extra money wasn’t a concern for us, as we really wanted data ports in every bedroom, and we may as well have RF ports in every bedroom too, but the extra time it took to get all the variations sorted and signed, and for the land developer to actually invoice us (stopping Burbank in the meantime to continue on the paperwork process) was frankly agonising. The word on the street was that there’s been a delay in developer approvals as the land developer office is short-staffed, but we finally got there and as soon as we received the invoice we paid it on the spot.

Burbank need the payment receipt before they can proceed with anything, and I hope the developer doesn’t take another 2 weeks to send that out, but for now we’re on the cusp of getting council approval and building permits. After that, it’s just the sign-off on the final drawings, final approval of finances from the bank, site letter sent and off we go!

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