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Update (04/07/2010): I went to our lot yesterday and hammered in a sign, and also took some pictures (click on ‘Read more’ to see them).

Land has settled (actually it was yesterday). The land’s officially ours now.

Had a chat with my contact coordinator at Burbank, apparently there is a 2 week delay in doing any building development in my stage due to bad weather. When I went there last week, the roads were absolutely filthy with dirt and it was just this huge mud bowl. I hope the weather dries up a bit so we can at least get a slab down.

I’m heading off to the block on the weekend to hammer in our sign, I’ll bring the camera with me and take some snaps.

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Looking good George! :)

Hi George ,
just wondering about the progress. Has the structural plans been done and has the application for building permit submitted?

Hi Sope,

The structural plans have been done but there were some mistakes from the drafting department so we had to highlight, scan and send it back to them to fix. Burbank told us that they will return with the updated plans for us to check again before we sign off on them. After that, the soil testing will be done (land is now flagged as ‘available’ in Burbank MyPlace) and then the engineering plans will be sent to us where we have to check and sign off on that.

After that I guess the building permits will need to be submitted and the plans need to be approved by VicUrban, hopefully after that they can get started!

Gee, this whole structural/engineering plans and permit application isn’t a quick proces, is it?

Good luck with the plans second time round.

Keep us updated.

Thanx for the update… btw is your contact at Burbank still Gianni or did they also change you to Kristy?
Stage 16 settlement due 6th August…. so our wait is almost over I guess

Sope, they swapped me over. Kristy is great, as was Gianni. We’re still in the middle of plans and waiting on the engineering report before we get the final plans to look over and sign off on – once that’s done, I’ll update the blog with the final plans.

Congrats on the looming settlement date, hope it all goes smoothly for you :)